Old Alabama Town In Alabama – A Great Vacation And Travel Destination

If you are interested in visiting an amazing village in the south then you must check out Old Alabama Town in Alabama. This village is made up of quite a few 19th and 20th century buildings that are authentic and have been restored to their original beauty. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the town stretches over six blocks in the historic downtown area of this city. That’s a pretty big area and it can take up to half a day to wander around and see the architecture and all the buildings. When you visit Old Alabama Town it is like you are walking into the late 1800s and by entering this realm you can “meet” the people who had such a huge impact on developing this part of Alabama simply by reading about their lives and seeing where they lived and worked. Seeing how the different buildings were in their original form helps visitors see the distinct difference in lifestyle from city dwellers and those who lived in more rural areas. More than 40 different buildings have been restored in this tiny little village and by doing so the non profit corporation in charge of it all is helping people remember the past and learn from it for future benefits. You truly will be amazed when you visit Old Alabama Town and kids will be especially filled with wonder. That’s because they can see how buildings were constructed so many years ago and give them a new appreciation for the world today. Everyone who visits Old Alabama Town leaves with a renewed appreciation for all the hard work of our ancestors to make a better world not to mention a newfound appreciation for today’s conveniences. This is a fabulous day trip for singles, families, and pretty much any tourist who would enjoy a good time learning about the past.

Experience Beautiful Alabama With Alabama Vacation Rentals

Alabama is located in south of United States. It is also known as “The yellowhammer state” and “The heart of Dixie”. Alabama is one of those states which embrace of all those ingredients which are needed at the place of holiday. In other words, it has all those elements which can easily attract a traveler’s interest. It has mountains and beaches, in which the beauty of nature can be felt. Alabama is also considered as the great place for history, culture and sports. It is definitely sure that the traveler might get confused that where to visit or not as there are many places to visit. But, there is no confusion regarding to where to accommodate because Alabama vacation rentals are the best choice of taking accommodation while holidaying at Alabama. While holidaying at Alabama, there are other option of taking accommodation such as hotels, motels etc. But still Alabama vacation rental is the preferred and recommended as it provides a homely environment. It is also said that Alabama vacation rentals, is the second home while holidaying. Vacation rentals at Alabama can be in the form of villa, bungalow, cottage, condo etc. In present scenario, there are number of vacation rental in Alabama. While accommodating the person is needed to pay rent. The rent of the vacation rental depends upon the location, size and the number of people coming for staying at vacation rental. It has been proved that vacation rentals involve low cost as compared to other means of accommodation. Alabama vacation rentals embrace of all amenities present in a home such as television, DVD’s, washer, dyer etc. Vacation rentals in Alabama are multi roomed, that is, it consist of dining room, living room and bed room. And, along, that it also embraces of fully furnished kitchen, in which the person can cook food of his choice. Due to advancement in the information technology, the person can book his vacation rental from his home town, by means of internet. Internet has made the task easier and simpler. While booking rentals through internet, the person is only needed to fill an application form, which usually asks the preferences, budget and certain personal details. And, accordingly a list of vacation rental is sent to the person. And, he can choose from them as per his needs and preference. Now, its time to experience beautiful Alabama but by accommodating at Alabama vacation rentals.

Different Family Attractions Places To Visit In Alabama

Montgomery is the heart of the South America. It is the capital of Alabama. The City is situated on the East of river Alabama.People from all over the world visit Montgomery to spend their spring and winter vacations. Montgomery is a place from where the first spark of civil right movement took place. It is the birthplace of Hank Williams and Martin Luther. People visit Montgomery to relive the moments of civil rights. There are many museums, memorial and art galleries in the city that will take you back in the old era of civil rights. Other than these historical places to visit there are many other places and natural sites worth visiting while spending vacation in the Alabama.
If you are on family vacation to the city then you must visit the places, whose importance and quality is briefly described below:

1. Civil Right Memorial
It is a memorial that commemorates who died during the civil right movement. The memorial has a big black granite disk on which the names are engraved of those who died during civil right movement. Water flows gently above the disk.

2. Guided Tram Tour To Hyundai
Montgomery, Alabama has one of the Hyundai vehicle manufacturing units. The unit assembles 1000 Hyundai vehicle daily. The unit has 2700 team members. You can visit with your family to this Hyundai vehicle manufacturing unit, but you have to do the prior reservations for guided tram tour.This place is becoming Best Attractions In Alabama .
Timings for the guided tour to Hyundai on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are 9:30 am, 12:30 pm and 2 pm.

3. Montgomery Zoo
You can take your kids to Montgomery Zoo and provide them a chance to see around 500 animals in their natural habitats. You will find animals from all over the world in the zoo. The zoo is divided into 5 parts and shows animals from five different continents. It would surely be a pleasure to eyes to see the African Elephants, Giraffe, Tiger, and bear.

4. Montgomery Museum Of Fine Arts
Montgomery museum of fine arts is one of the most visited places in Montgomery. The museum has a collection of American fine arts, painting, procains, paints, and glass. The gallery of the museum also has the art collection of various artists from all over the globe.

5. City of Saint Jude
The City of Saint Jude is the first integrated hospital of southeastern United states. Now it is a non-profit catholic organization dedicated to the spiritual, health and education of the needy people. It is place from where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gave his speech when Selma to Montgomery march was abolished by the court in 1965.

6. Alabama Nature Center
Alabama Nature Center park consists of forests, streams, field, and ponds. It’s five miles of sidewalks and trails offer visitors close view to the nature. If you are visiting here with your kids then they will get the chance to be part of guided hikes, fishing and nature photography classes.

The wide options of the Family Attractions Places To Visit In Alabama makes Montgomery one of the best destination for family vacations in US.

Gentleman Jim McFarland

Gentleman Jim, a master tailor, pattern maker, designer, sewing instructor and clothing manufacturer, has been active in the garment industry since 1961. He began working in the garment industry in 1961 at all the finer men’s stores. Weber and Heilbrunery, John Davidson, Barney’s Men’s Store and The Macy. At age 20, Gentleman Jim began under the mentorship of Orie Wells of Orie’s Custom Tailoring, an exclusive tailoring store. Orie’s was located on 125th Street in New York City next to The Apollo Theatre. In the 60’s, Orie’s made custom clothes for all the great stars: James Brown, The Isley Brothers, B. B. King, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, James Cleveland and many more. The client list also included Baseball great Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Civil Right’s A. Philip Randolph and Byard Ruskin and several members of New York Jet’s football team. After relocating to Georgia, Gentleman Jim opened his own business which was a high-end exclusive men’s and women’s clothing establishment in the Buckhead community in the Atlanta metropolitan area: Gentleman Jim has served as a sewing and tailoring instructor for the Georgia Department of Corrections and the Southwest Arts Center in Atlanta.

Rev. Roger Anthony YOLANDA Mapes MA, MFA, AMDA, Interfaith Divinity

Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes: singer/songwriter and Alien Love Child of Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Louise Hay, and John Waters.

His current traveling concert ministry is called “Rev. YOlanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour”
THE GOSPEL HOUR is: A delightful, feel good, gender bending celebration of old fashioned gospel and country gospel music PLUS original music by Rev. Yolanda written in the old fashion style. This show takes us on a musical tour of Rev. Yolanda’s transformational spiritual journey from a gospel music loving Alabama gay boy, to a Radical Faerie, Rock & Roll, GLBT Hall of Fame Transgender Warrior, to a New Thought Interspiritual Drag Queen Reverend !

A delightful, feel good, gender bending celebration of old fashioned gospel and country gospel music PLUS original music by Rev. Yolanda written in the old fashion style.
This show takes us on a musical tour of Rev. Yolanda’s transformational spiritual journey from a gospel music loving Alabama gay boy, to a Radical Faerie, Rock & Roll, GLBT Hall of Fame Transgender Warrior, to a New Thought Interspiritual Drag Queen Reverend !

For 20 years Roger aka Yolanda has been gender bending his/her way into the hearts of diverse communities. YoRo (as he is affectionately called) is a singer songwriter and Interfaith Minister. His original songs explore the joy and uniqueness of the individual while affirming everyone’s connection to LOVE as Universal Source. The live show is performed in clubs, churches, and seminar auditoriums. The show is filled with laughter, costume changes and beautiful origianl songs influenced by Southern Rock, Pop, Country, and Gospel.

Roger also has a unique talent for spiritual counseling and regularly conducts one on one and group counseling workshops and sessions. With many years of experience in A Course In Miracles, and certified as an Interfaith Minister from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, YoRo is grounded and capable in helping others recognize Spirit’s voice inside themselves. Roger is an excellent Tarot reader (having been taught by a Kaballah Master in 1989) and uses The Cards in one on one counseling sessions.

Shirley Mitchell

Shirley W. Mitchell, known as “The Golden Egg of Aging™” and the “Original Baby Boomer Promoter™”, is a member of several Business and Professional Associations. She attended Alabama College at Montevallo, AL; Auburn University at Auburn, AL and Jacksonville State College at Jacksonville, AL. Her Website System is known as “The Shirley System” – consisting of 38 Websites and 11 Blogs. She is the Author of “Fabulous after 50® – Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow”” and “Sensational after 60® – Loving Life All Over Again”, and Co-Author of “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life”, “Love Notes for Mom”, “Love Notes for Dad”, “Love Like God~Embracing Uncondional Love” and “Women Will Save The World”.

Empowered since her young youth, to make lives better for those around her, this Positive Lady laughs at the word “Retirement” ! Her passion and knowledge of Dynamic Aging build instant rapport with audiences. Her life shines as an example of “Positive Aging”. A Woman who is strong in her Passions, Hopes & Dreams; who enjoys Inspiring others to Live Life with Fullness, and with an Adventure to Grow Spiritually. She passionately embraces aging, and growing gracefully in the passage of years.

A Top Author, Writer & Speaker on Aging, Seniors and the Baby Boomer Generation, she has appeared on many National and Local Radio & TV Shows, and is the “Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host” of the Top-Rated “Aired and Archived” “Aging Outside the Box®” Syndicated Radio Show. She also has a Second Branded Radio Show at “Aging Outside the Box® Christian Spiritual Sparks™. She is the Columnist of the Syndicated “Fabulous after Fifty™” On-Line Column, a Featured Columnist for “Senior Lifestyle Magazine”, and she has an On-Line Newsletter at “Passionate Sparks™”.